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Healthy Abandon is a holistic health counseling company designed to help busy people lead healthy and fulfilling lives, with complete abandon.  Nutrition, Balance, Empowerment and Self-Awareness are the four pillars of health coaching used by Healthy Abandon to help clients achieve optimum levels of well-being.  A nutritional program from Healthy Abandon can help anyone from executives to athletes to moms and their entire families eat better, feel better and live better.   As a health professional, wife, mother and student, Amy L. Quick is well equipped to provide clients with the necessary tools to create longevity, health and success despite a hectic schedule.  A holistic wellness program from Healthy Abandon provides clear, life-changing steps to help increase energy, lose weight, improve performance or simply feel more confident  – body, mind and spirit.

“I understand how hard it is for so many to find the time and resources to lead a healthy lifestyle, says Amy Quick. That is exactly why she founded Healthy Abandon.  Simply stated, she wants to help people find health and happiness, free from sickness and disease. No matter how busy you are or what goals you may have, she want to help you make time for yourself and commit to living with HEALTHY ABANDON!

Healthy Abandon offers coaching programs that focus on nutrition, physical fitness and mind-body wellbeing. Our customized programs help clients break their goals into manageable steps, track their progress, and identify and overcome personal roadblocks. Schedule these signature programs by phone or via the internet. Contact Healthy Abandon: today to schedule a  personalized healthcare consultation.

Amy L. Quick, ND, LPNM, CBHS is a Naturopathic Doctor and Board Certified Licensed Professional Naturopathic Minister. Amy received her Certified Biblical Health Coach training from Biblical Health Institute, her Licensed Professional Naturopathic Minister training from Life Training Institute and her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine at Life Training Institute. Amy brings integrative nutrition, exercise, wellness lifestyle habits and biblical mind-body connection  to the forefront of healthcare in the United States and the world, she strives to make preventative health training accessible to all who seek to live a life radically abandoned to health and wellness.


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