Living With Chronic Pain


Living with Chronic Pain

Have you ever felt bad? I mean really bad, ached all over, had dull throbbing pain or sharp stabbing pain all over? It’s exhausting!

There is nothing you can do about it. It’s with you day and night, chronic pain, always reminding you of your limitations, those things that you can no longer enjoy, because of pain. Maybe you were born with a condition that keeps you in pain, perhaps you had an injury or were diagnosed with a disorder that creates pain and discomfort on a daily basis.

Unless someone has experienced for themselves, they truly don’t understand the mental and physical toll it takes to be in chronic pain. It’s a daily challenge to get out of bed, get dressed and face the day. Whether you are unable to work or have to stay employed to survive, chronic pain affects how you live your life in every way.

Your daily schedule, your moods, how you treat others – everything is colored by how much pain you are experiencing at that moment. Sometimes, pain takes over your life and a person chooses to give in and become a victim. Others use the pain as a motivator to press through to become a survivor, challenging themselves daily to continue their daily lives in as normal a fashion as possible.

That is what I have chosen to do, I’ve chosen to press through the chronic pain I feel 24/7 and live the best life possible. Is it difficult – Yes, sometimes! Are there tears of pain – many times. Do I struggle with anger, resentment and doubt about my future – sure I do. But, I keep fighting, because I want my life to mean something, I want to leave a legacy that my family can be proud to share.

Most of all, I want to live life to the fullest, with passion and grace. I want to enjoy my friends, family and see the beauty in things. I don’t want to grow bitter to my circumstances and spend my life complaining about something that I can’t completely control. I am so thankful for every experience in my life – the good and the bad, for they have all taught me valuable lessons about myself. I’ve grown stronger, more resilient, more understanding of others, become more thankful and learned to really enjoy life as it comes; instead of giving up and not living.

I urge you to overcome your feelings of hopelessness that comes from dealing with chronic pain and find a way to live the best life you are capable of. Enjoy your family and friends and push toward fulfilling your passions and dreams!

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