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Many people have asked why I chose to go into Naturopathic Medicine, especially with a Biblical approach. My Number One answer is because of my relationship with Jesus Christ. Because, without Him their would be NO Healthy Abandon, NO Dr. Amy Quick. My life has been filled with many amazing mountain-top moments and taken me to the devastating depths of the deepest valley.

I've lived through incredibly difficult times in my life; from a broken home in childhood, to assault and rape as a teenager, many painful relationships, extreme marital abuse that included emotional, psychological and physical abuse and many other heartaches.. Through it all, the love of my Heavenly Father is the only reason I am still here today. I tried many things over the years to "medicate" and "numb" my heartache and pain, but the only thing that brought me out of the darkness was God's love and guidance and putting people in my path that would gently guide and direct me to a life of wholeness.

Along that journey, I decided that I needed to take complete responsibility for my health - spiritually, mentally and physically; but also help others find a way to become as healthy and whole as possible; despite any challenges in their lives. Using the gifts and talents that the Lord specifically gave me, I set out to find a way to use my "mess" become my "message" and pour out my passion into others.

During a very difficult time in my life, in the midst of an abusive marriage and home-schooling my daughter, I decided to search out my options for becoming a Naturopathic Doctor and Health Coach. I knew I wanted a school that had a biblical basis to their teaching method, so after much research I found the perfect school in Life Training Institute and Dr. Bill Yeary. So began the journey to go back to school and get my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, so I could mentor individuals through their journey. I also chose to enrich my practice by becoming a clinical counselor and gain ministry credentials. My ultimate goal is to honor Jesus with my gifts and talents, so I may help others become whole, no matter what challenges life has given them and that they may know the love of Jesus Christ.

I've been blessed by many mentors and ministries speaking into my life and helping me with my path to wellness - spiritually, mentally and physically. I've been blessed to be involved in many different avenues of health, fitness, wellness and nutrition. One such organization is PrayFit Ministries founded by Jimmy Pena. This ministry has spoken into my life in more ways than I could ever share and has given me the opportunity to become a PrayFit Ambassador and humbly represent their ministry through various channels, an honor for which I do not take lightly. Please consider visiting their website: www.prayfit.org and sign-up for the PrayFit Summer Challenge!

Gather your gym tribe, family and community group and join me, the PrayFit Team, #prayfitambassador team for this amazing challenge. Not only will you grow and be challenged physically, spiritually and emotionally; but you will sow into the lives of others who are challenged with special needs or give their lives for global missions!

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A PrayFit Summer - a 4-Week Physical & Spiritual Challenge

THE COMPLETE PACKAGE for Individuals, Couples, Small Groups and Churches from one of the most accomplished and seasoned experts in the fitness industry and the most trusted to deliver grace-based curriculum.

For just $10 - with all proceeds to benefit kids affected by special needs and to support global missions outreach - you will receive:

- Fitness and nutrition expertise and daily guidance - Downloadable journals - At-home training plans for beginners, intermediate and advanced - Gym-specific routines; tips, techniques and strategies - Are you a runner? We have a challenge for you too! - "PrayFit Dares" that will rock your world and transform communities (these will stretch us all) - Daily devotions, Scripture memory, Bible trivia (with ebooks, prizes and giveaways) - Weekly webinars with Jimmy & Team PrayFit - Private Facebook group; community, feedback, encouragement, accountability - Downloadable "The PrayFit Prayer" and "The PrayFit Poem" posters.

****PLUS: Complimentary iPrayFit Membership throughout the challenge!

****AND: Sweepstakes Drawing: Chance to win an all-expense paid trip for TWO to Los Angeles for PrayFit RISE 2017 just for signing up!

Just $10. Visit prayfit.org for more details. Registration ends June 1! Hurry and save your spot.

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