Leader of the Band...A Rockin' Review

Seth Luker is a health advocate who knows the on-the-go lifestyle all too well. After facing significant health challenges, Seth learned from life’s journey that optimal nutrition and function are the true keys both surviving and thriving in any walk of life. Seth’s mission, or Magnum opus, is to bring holistic health to America through education and nutritional products that surpasses today's highest-quality standards.

With a sense of a purpose in his life and a passion for music and health, Rockin'Wellness was founded by Seth, a former music tour manager and wellness warrior who has been battling a life-threatening digestive illness since 2005. He couldn't find anything on the market that would benfit his needs, so he went about creating the best prebiotic & probiotic product on the market; that supported digestive health and increased immune system function. As an active vegan, who also lives the gluten-free lifestyle because of Celiac Disease, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my health and boost my energy levels. Rockin' Wellness was kind enough to send me a sample of their Vanilla Mocha Swirl Total Body Nutritional Shake to see what my experience was with their products.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am an avid label reader and picky about the ingredients I choose to put in my body, so I was impressed by the standards Rockin' Wellness chose for their product line. Non-GMO, Certified Vegan, Gluten-Free, Raw & Organic ingredients: hulled hemp seed, cacao bean, goji berries, coffee beans, coconut milk, vanilla bean (the real deal), maca root (my favorite), cane juice banana fruit, chia seeds, yerba mate and many other energy & mood-enhancing superfoods.

Their journey to the healthiest lifestyle possible, with a mindset of wholeness shows in their product development. The superfood ingredients that they chose are some of the finest in the world. This amazing and energizing blend of whole foods will effortlessly boost your nutritional intake, no matter your level of health.

My first try of their product, I chose to blend it up with some almond milk and ice, in my Ninja Pro and it made a great after-workout pick-me-up and gave me the boost of energy I needed to power through the rest of my day. The Vanilla Mocha Swirl had great flavor and the texture was very smooth. I also followed some ideas I saw on the web and mixed some in my morning coffee, a great way to get you up and moving for a busy day at the office, workouts at the gym or a activity-filled day with the kids.

My suggestion, for anyone looking for a dietary supplement that supports an active lifestyle - Give this One a Try !Whether you are just trying to boost your nutrition level, leading an active, healthy lifestyle or fighting a health challenge -

Rockin' Wellness will not leave you disappointed!

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